Eight Guidelines That Must Be Followed to Ensure a Smooth Richmond Hill Windows and Doors Installation

New Richmond windows and doors can improve the aesthetics of your home, increase the market value of the home, save you money on utilities, and act as a shield against extreme weather and intruders. After buying the windows, the next activity that follows is putting the windows in place. Well, are you ready for it?

However, there are a few things that you should do before getting the window installed in your house. The subsequent measures will allow workers to access the windows and doors Richmond Hill conveniently, safeguard your items, and ensure efficient installation.

1. Schedule A Good Time

If possible, take time off work during the installation so that the disruption is kept to a minimum. Installation technicians often come to the site early in the morning and work until they are done, or they take more than one day to install the equipment. In most cases, the installers will work right on your driveway, so you should park your car away before they get there.

2. Make Your Home Accessible

You should be home at least for the installation in order to meet the crew, to be sure they took the correct Richmond windows and doors you bought, and to show them the rooms where the installation will happen. If you cannot be around during the installation, make arrangements with someone you know well enough to allow the installers into your home. Ensure that you switch off your alarm system components, including the window sensors.

3. Clear A Path

During the installation process the workers will constantly be coming and going in the home and rooms, with large and heavy objects such as windows and tools. They will require a proper aisle way around the working zones. Clear the space of furniture, area rugs, plants, and any other objects that might get in their way.

4. Remove Window Coverings

Remove curtain rods, curtains, blinds, shutters, and all furniture items that are in contact with them. It is also important to know if you have to uninstall its hardware as well, inquire to if from your installed.


 It will also be useful to remove such elements as paintings, pictures, and other items that are hung on the wall near the windows to avoid potential damage while handling the windows.

5. Protect Floors and Furniture

This is particularly true when installing Richmond Hill windows and doors since it usually involves dealing with Putty. Although the employees will probably arrive at the scene with their own drop cloths, it is wise to further protect your furniture, floors, and electronic equipment from getting dusty or damaged by the debris by covering them with plastic sheets, drop cloths, or tarps. It is recommended that you talk with your installer about this aspect over the phone prior to the day of the installation.

6.  Relocate Children and Pets

Contractors for the new windows will be arriving at the house to work, and there will be occasions where doors and gates will be left open.


You also need to protect your kids and pets and ensure they do not interfere with the workers, so you should probably arrange for someone to babysit your children the day you set aside for window replacement if you’re going to replace windows in all or most of the rooms in your house.

7.  Conserve Energy

Although cooling and heating losses cannot be totally avoided when installing windows, they can be minimized by using energy conservation techniques such as changing your windows or switching off your air conditioning system while having the windows installed.

8.  Plan For a Clean-Up

This depends on the agreed contract and agreement with the installer where they remove the old Richmond Hill windows and doors and other debris left behind. If you are going to do the clean-up, then you must hire a dumpster delivery company in order to get it to the location. When it comes to scrubbing the smaller items, get a shop vac, for instance, to wipe the drywall dust or similar items. This way, it is easier to clean, and it does not put a load of debris collection on your household/regular vacuum cleaner that can easily be damaged.