How to Keep Your Luxury Home Clean


To take care of a luxury home is almost comparable to ensuring a new-looking automobile and can be a pig task, more so if one has to do it themselves. But as will be seen, when one follows sensible strategies and sets aside a little time, the process can be anywhere as troublesome and a lot of fun! At Bear Brothers Cleaning hearing the little lady of the house discuss the need to maintain the appearance of elegance and charm in their sophisticated home. This piece is a compendium of professional advice, information, and prevention measures to make your home shine as it was the day you first set foot in it. From contacting the areas that people frequent most to cleaning expensive kitchen utensils and washing expensive machines, we present the most important steps to come up with that clean luxurious home.

High Traffic Areas

First, attend to the highest traffic areas. They are just like the red carpets in your house, stepped on every time and always in view. For the living room, dust regularly as if treating dust as uninvited visitors. Take out that microfiber cloth and let them find the door, insisting on those detailed little touches. Vacuum upholstery, as sofas and chairs are crumb and dust magnets. 

Run a vacuum with an upholstery attachment over them to remove debris. Polish wooden furniture, the jewel of your home, with an excellent-grade wood polish to make them sparkle.


In the kitchen, wipe surfaces daily to maintain shine, as the battering that’s bound to happen occurs there. Swab them regularly with detergent, preferably mild. Clean oily appliances with a baking soda solution of equal parts of baking soda and water are perfect for the oily areas. 

Daily, clean the refrigerator’s interior with warm soap solution and water, and once monthly, remove all items from it and scrub the shelves.

Luxurious Bathrooms

Luxurious bathrooms should always feel like a five-star spa. Take an extra minute each day after getting ready to wipe out the sinks, countertop areas, and faucets to keep these areas spotless. A few moments of swiping the shower door with a squeegee after every bath can reduce the instances of hard water stains and soap scum. To clean floor tiles, mopping must focus on the tiles’ grout once a week, using a brush and a mixture of baking soda and vinegar for shiny floor tiles and grout. As for chrome or brass fixtures, make sure these are shining by using a little cleaner.

Bedrooms: A Clean Escape

Your bedroom should be a clean escape. Change sheets weekly for that luxurious feel of clean, fresh sheets. Dust off the mattress monthly to eliminate any dust parasites and other allergens. The specific furniture to dust includes nightstands, dressers, lamps, and other surfaces within the house. Doing this every few months is useful because otherwise, you start wearing clothes you haven’t used in ages; to make space, get rid of items you do not use often.Carpet, tiles, or any other hardwood flooring must be cleaned to ensure they are carefully cleaned. Sweep and wash your rugs or carpets at least once a week to make them feel soft and clean. Clean carpets with professional cleaning at least once a year as this assistance helps remove dirt deeply rooted in the carpet’s fibers. Note that sweeping hardwood floors daily halts dirt and debris from scratching the floor. Clean them weekly using a damp mop and a floor cleaner designed for wooden floors.Polish the floors every few months to keep them shining.

Windows and Mirrors

Windows, especially mirrors, need to be cleaned, as it is said that a house’s windows are its eyes. Clean windows every month, preferably with a glass cleaner or, if you prefer, water with vinegar. Clean window frames and sills on both internal and external surfaces to get rid of as much dirt buildup as possible. Treat all mirrors once a week using glass cleaner and microfiber cloth to avoid streaks.

Maintaining High-End Appliances

Beneath are the precautions that must be taken to ensure the high-end appliances continue functioning as required and offer wonderful looks. For the refrigerator and the freezer, it is recommended that the coil be vacuumed at least once every six months to ensure that the refrigerator is in its tip-top, tip-top shape. If the freezer is not frost-free, frozen food should be defrosted more frequently than anyone would wish. For washers, unclog the drum by starting a wash with vinegar and baking soda to help remove odors, for dryers clean the screen and drum that collects the lint. This device should be cleared regularly to prevent fires and ensure the dryer’s high efficiency.

Final Touches

Finally, it is the smallest of details that go the furthest in a luxury home. Keep your air quality high by having air purifiers and changing their filters regularly. Add fresh flowers to the table for added beauty and a great smell. This can be done by placing certain scented candles or diffusers strategically in your home. Running a home that is considered luxurious means that all things need to be in order, as once again it can be compared to conducting an orchestra successfully.

In case you have some challenges with the cleanliness of your house, with cleaning advice from Bear Brothers Cleaning, your home will maintain a good look, unlike the first time you moved in. Some body soap, occasional rubbing, and utilizing the right materials can do wonders. So get down and dirty with your luxury abode. After all, a clean home is a happy home!


Upscale home management is like a well-coordinated concert, where each member must be in harmony. That is why with the help of professional Maid Services in Norristown – Bear Brothers Cleaning your home looks tidy and cozy. By attending to high-traffic areas, diligently cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring bedrooms are serene escapes, and keeping windows, mirrors, and appliances spotless, you preserve the beauty and functionality of your home. The smallest details, like air quality and fresh flowers, add the final touch of luxury. Remember, regular maintenance and the right products can work wonders. Take your time and be proud of a well-done job and a clean, beautiful home resembling luxury. Still, a completely justified statement says cleanliness is next to happiness when a house has no accumulated garbage and mysterious odors.