Many people say ‘the home is where the heart is’ and many people also say that ‘the heart of a home is in the kitchen’. This is why you should consider making your home as comfortable and inviting as possible, while also ensuring that you put most of your energy into the kitchen. The kitchen typically requires the most planning and investment, as you need sinks, ovens and stoves. These all require careful placement and can cost a pretty penny, so you must ensure everything has its place. Beyond this, it is smart to acquire kitchen appliances that offer help and elevate the space through design and bring in an element of quiet luxury. 

This article aims to illuminate the basics of bringing quiet luxury into your kitchen and, therefore, your home.

The Kitchen Must Have a Great Layout

The first thing you will want to do when creating a luxurious kitchen is focus on its design or flow. There is nothing as splendid as a kitchen that you can tell has been thought about, crafted and created in a way to ensure comfort of use. If you are starting a kitchen renovation, this is the perfect time to consider certain factors, click here to view the list of everything you must consider. 

You should consider whether you’d like an island in the middle of the space or prefer a more ‘L’ shaped design. Think about where the light enters the kitchen and whether you should place the breakfast nook there or rather use it as the place for your kitchen cookbooks and crockery section. Consider having open cupboards, so that you might show off your latest kitchenware or if you’d prefer to have long cupboards that you can close. Don’t think about the colors just yet, for now, only consider where everything needs to be and then you can move on to the finer details. 

If you are at a stage where you’re not re-designing but rather using what you have and trying to make a more luxurious kitchen out of your existing one, then looking at the smaller pieces within the kitchen, such as the appliances, is a great step, so keep reading. 

Find Appliances that Are Helpful and Also Stylish

Investing in statement pieces that speak for you is another great way to bring quiet luxury into the kitchen . Certain brands, such as Le Creuset, Miele, and Smeg, have done a great job of combining opulence and usability in their range. Others have also done a great job, but it’s these pieces that have truly thought about design. 

If you’d like to add an extra layer of appeal then consider investing in a few Le Creuset pieces, the kitchenware is beautifully designed and durable and you can find the pieces in many different colors. Some do not even use their Le Creuset pots, they simply leave them on the stove as an eye-catcher because they are that beautiful. Or you could also invest in a pretty KitchenAid which elevates any kitchen. You can find these in various colours too and even get them with your bespoke design, which is handy if you’re looking to match your specific kitchen color scheme. Smeg is another big favorite as they have designed some of the most beautiful ovens, stoves, fridges, toasters and kettles. The shape of Smeg products is by no means hard-lines and stainless steel, like Samsung or LG, instead, Smeg focuses on a bit more of a 50’s kitchen look, with the rounded edges to everything they have and the round knobs. Smeg products also come in different colors, so you can find a dark green fridge if you’re looking for something unique but can equally go with a stunning plain white and get everything matching in white, to create a truly streamlined look. 

Add Little Trinkets Around the Kitchen

There are many more ways to bring quiet luxury into your kitchen, beyond re-design and more expensive kitchenware – you can also go small. Some of the best kitchen parts are the ones you barely notice. Such as the design and texture of the kitchen clothes, the dish soap dispenser or even an extra large wooden chopping board.

These are all pieces you can bring in, even on a budget, and elevate your kitchen space greatly. You can also consider investing in a few cookbooks with beautiful outers to bring design and color into the space. Then there are also the little pieces you can think of such as a stylish oven timer, a prettily adorned fruit bowl or even a small cake stand that you can pop fresh croissants into every morning. All these small pieces show that you have put time and energy into the kitchen space, which will pay off. 

As you can see, there are many different ways to elevate your kitchen. You can either start big with a re-design, make the most of what you currently have and bring in statement kitchenware pieces, or keep it small and just add small trinkets.