7 Inventive Bedroom Ideas for Soccer Fans

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Which team will you support in June and July? Germany is the host nation and one of the early favorites, with pundits and ex-players to bag the silverware. The Germans are currently level on three European Cups with Spain, meaning they have a great chance to go one better and set a new record. Are the Germans good enough to go all the way and give their fans plenty to cheer? They’re certainly in great shape, as proved by their thumping 5-1 win over Scotland in the opening game.

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Beautiful Game

If you live and breathe soccer, or you know a family member who’s fascinated with the beautiful game, our latest article is aimed at you. Regular readers of our articles know we cover a wide range of topics on this site, with our content team publishing articles on design and decor, home DIY, architecture, lifestyle, and more. We wanted to try something a little different, marrying our love of design with the summer of soccer.

By the end of this article, you’ll have some great ideas for a bedroom makeover that will have soccer fans cheering well beyond the final whistle. We cover bedding, murals, furniture, and more. There’s something for everyone on this page, including the fussiest of fans.

Creating a bedroom for a soccer fan can be an exciting endeavor that merges a passion for the sport with creative design. Whether it’s for a young fan dreaming of becoming a soccer star or an adult who has been loyal to their favorite team for years, there are countless ways to incorporate the love for soccer into the bedroom decor. Here are some inventive bedroom ideas for soccer fans that can transform any space into a personalized sports haven.

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The foundation of any soccer-themed bedroom starts with the bedding and decor. Choose bedding sets that feature the logos or colors of the fan’s favorite team. Custom-made bedspreads, pillowcases, and blankets can instantly set the tone.

Complement this with curtains, rugs, and wall art that align with the soccer theme. For example, a bedspread that resembles a soccer field, complete with goalposts at the head and foot of the bed, can make the room feel like a mini stadium.


With murals and decals, transform plain walls into soccer-themed masterpieces. Consider a mural of a packed stadium, a favorite player in action, or an iconic soccer moment.

Decals are another excellent option. They are easy to apply and remove, making them perfect for updating as tastes change. Large decals of a soccer ball, goalposts, or a silhouette of a player can add dynamic elements to the room without overwhelming it.


Custom furniture can elevate a soccer-themed bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Think about beds shaped like soccer goals, chairs designed to look like soccer balls, or desks inspired by soccer fields.

Custom shelving units shaped like goalposts or bookcases resembling team lockers can provide practical storage while enhancing the theme. Using soccer equipment, such as turning old soccer balls into chair legs or soccer nets into room dividers, adds a unique and personal touch.


Displaying soccer memorabilia is a fantastic way to personalize the space. Shadow boxes, glass cabinets, and wall-mounted cases can be used to showcase jerseys, signed balls, and other collectibles.

Cabinets keep valuable items safe but also add a personal and nostalgic touch to the room. Floating shelves can be used to display trophies, awards, and photographs, creating a mini-museum of soccer achievements.


Incorporate interactive elements to make the room not just a place to sleep but also a place to play. Install a mini soccer goal for practicing shots or a small net for indoor games.

These features encourage active play and can be a great way to burn off energy indoors. Additionally, consider a chalkboard wall where kids can draw their favorite plays or a whiteboard to keep track of upcoming matches and scores.


Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood of the room. Consider using soccer-themed lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights shaped like soccer balls or lamps with shades that feature team logos.

LED strip lights can be used to outline shelves, desks, or even the ceiling to add a modern and vibrant touch. For a more subtle approach, use wall sconces that resemble stadium lights to create a sporty ambiance.


Art can be a focal point in any room. Choose wall art that reflects the soccer fan’s favorite moments, teams, or players. Framed posters, canvas prints, and even custom artwork can add personality and flair.

A gallery wall featuring a mix of different art pieces can make a strong visual statement and provide endless inspiration. Consider including vintage soccer posters, photographs of famous matches, and inspirational quotes from legendary players.