10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Murphy Bed Size for Your Dog

Your dogs need a space to spend their days resting and doing nothing. While a traditional bed for dogs can be feasible, a Murphy bed for them can be better.

Finding the right size for Murphy beds for dogs is important to ensure their safety. These are the tips you should follow when choosing one:

Measure Your Dog

Before picking a bed for your dog, you should measure their length and height. Take the dog’s measurements from their nose’s tip to the base of the tail to get the length. Begin from the floor to the top of their shoulders to get their height.

Consider Your Dog’s Sleeping Style

Looking at how your dog sleeps is handy when choosing dog beds. Some dogs sleep with a fully stretched body, while others prefer to curl up in a ball.

Selecting the Right Dog Bed Sizes

The right dog bed will keep your canine companion comfortable. Murphy beds for dogs have different sizes, so getting the appropriate one is crucial. Here’s a short guideline:

●Small Dogs (up to 20 lbs): Small Murphy beds around 24 inches wide would be enough.

●Medium Dogs: (20-50 lbs): A medium dog bed with a width of 30-36 inches is suitable.

●Large Dogs: (50-100 lbs): A large dog bed that’s 30-36 inches wide suits them best.

●Extra Large Dogs (more than 100 lbs): Choose extra large Murphy beds with a width of 42 inches or more.

Follow this guide when choosing a bed for your dog to avoid overspending and regretting the purchase later.

Take Note of the Bed’s Shape, Depth, and the Dog’s Age

Dogs that like to curl up in sleep need oval-shaped or round beds. Other dogs that sleep in a stretched position need a rectangular pillow bed with enough space to sprawl.

A dog’s age matters when choosing how deep a dog bed should be. Older dogs usually have joint problems, so a thicker mattress or a memory foam bed adds more relief to their resting time.

Consider a Dog’s Growth

If you have puppies and smaller dogs now, think about their potential adult size in the future.


Get a Murphy bed that accommodates their adult size, so you won’t have to replace the bed while they’re growing.

Check the Weight Capacity

Check how much weight the dog’s bed can support before buying it. Choose a Murphy bed that supports your dog’s weight at every growth stage.

Check the Room’s Size

Make sure the Murphy bed you choose for your dogs fits in the room. The beds should be clear from the walkways, especially if you have multiple dogs.

Choose a Bed with Durable Material

A bed with durable materials like polyester, vinyl, and synthetic fiber can withstand a dog’s activity and chewing habits. If you want chew-proof materials, dog beds made of ballistic nylon and tough fabric would do.

Look for Additional Features

Some Murphy Beds have extra multifunctional features that can improve your dogs’ experience. These can include washable covers, storage compartments for toys and treats, and orthopedic mattresses. Assess your dog’s needs and preferences before buying the bed.

Get Other Perspectives

Consult a pet furniture specialist about which size of dog bed to choose, especially if you have more than one dog. Ask for references from other dog owners you know about dog beds to make a balanced decision before making the big purchase.

Why You Need a Murphy Bed for Your Dog

Your dog’s comfort is your top priority once you have them. That’s why a Murphy bed for dogs is essential for these reasons:

●Space-Saver: Murphy beds for dogs are space-saving and valuable for small living spaces. You can fold them up when not in use to allow your dog to walk around. The bed is small enough not to take up too much space in your room.

●Stylish Design: Just like Murphy beds for humans, those for dogs have various designs that suit your home decor. Choose a dog bed that goes well with your existing furniture.

●Separate Sleeping Area: Murphy beds for dogs can provide your furry friend with their own home separate from your bed. It may help them feel secure, especially if noise disturbs them easily.

●Easy to Wash: The removable covers of the bed make it easy for you to clean them whenever you want.


Research the best Murphy dog beds in the market before splurging to get the best product and for your dog to have a suitable sleeping area.

Make the Big Murphy Dog Bed Purchase Now

Selecting the right dog bed size will ensure their comfort every time they rest from playing or walking around. When selecting the bed’s material, you must also consider their health, weight, and preferences. As a pet owner, nothing beats the happiness of seeing your furry friend at ease in their own space.

Choose and buy a Murphy bed for dog from a reputable and trusted brand to make the best out of your investment. You’ll get a high-quality bed for the amount you pay. In addition, you can give your dog the relaxation it deserves with durable materials and other features.